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Not only will Emergency Shrink Wrap Roofing Inc. properly install emergency roof shrink wrap quickly and efficiently, but we will work through your insurance to ensure that the heavy burden of water damage and water restoration is lifted off of you during what could be considered a time of high stress.
Did you know that mold can start developing within 72 hours on a wet and humid surface?
Our goal is to be a one-stop shop to provide a homeowner with all the tools and products such as shrink wrap, water, and mold restoration so you can rest assured your home will be taken care of with less stress, and multiple companies entering your home and causing more confusion.
Waiting on insurance money can be a great cause for concern for individuals and families who are looking to have their roofs repaired during hurricane season. You can rest assured that we offer solutions such as emergency roof shrink wrap that will protect your home and your belongings and prevent further water damage while you wait for the details of your situation to be sorted out.
Why use us: As a bonus Our in-house contractor will help you detect and document any leaks through infrared cameras and provide you with a fully detailed roof estimate including aerial photos with a drone, This will help you recover the maximum from your insurance without any external help, We pride ourselves on our fast response time. we can get to you within less than 48 hours!